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Federal Pathologic-Anatomical Museum

The Federal Pathologic-Anatomical Museum is housed in the so-called "Narrenturm" (mad tower).

The Narrenturm was built under Emperor Joseph II. as the first psychiatric hospital (architect: Isidore Canevale). After only 17 months' building, the cylindrical Narrenturm with its inner courtyards was opened to house mentally ill people from Vienna, Lower Austria and the Burgenland.
Commonly, the round five-storey building was also called "Emperor Joseph's ring cake".

After the hospital was closed in 1866, the round building was used as nurses' quarters, doctors' living quarters, as a depot of university clinics and for workshops. 

The Federal Pathologic-Anatomical Museum (founded in 1796) has been stationed in the Narrenturm since 1971. Since 1993, the whole building is used as a museum. The Narrenturm is a listed building, today it is owned by the University of Vienna.

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